Mindfulness Workshops in Nature


My passionate interest in nature and personal growth means that I value the benefits that they offer.

Nature brings a unique healing power that engages all our senses and brings both stimulation and calm to our minds and bodies. It is a mind and body experience that enhances our emotional and physical health moment by moment.

I cannot think of a more invigorating place to experience life “being awake” than with nature.

I run Mindfulness workshops in a traditional Soux Indian Tipee, situated in a private woodland in the stunning Rutland countryside.

As the sun brings a soft yellow light in the tipee, there is a feeling of calm and connectedness within the group. The groups are small and friendly, and are about sharing our experiences with a supportive and open attitude.

In addition I offer other one off opportunities to explore, experience and develop the practice of mindfulness. These take the form of Mindful Meditation, meadow and woodland walks, wild walking and camping in Northumberland and France.

If you have a place that has a special connection for you, I am able to come to your group and run a workshop.

Workshops are available for all levels of understanding, and I welcome individual bookings as well as groups.

As a member of the Mindfulness Association and whom I am training with, I continue to explore and develop my knowledge and personal growth.

This would be most helpful to those who find that they just can’t find a way, or time to bring some sense of balance to their lives. Very valuable experience, I cannot recommend this enough.”  Em, Leicestershire.

“Loved the tipee, it is a fascinating space...the light is soft yet bright...the decorative features are beautiful.” Gwyneth, Leicestershire.

Very thorough, I feel informed and reflective....I am ready to practice mindfulness.”  Victoria, Leicestershire.

For further details and dates of workshops feel free to contact me.